Dark Horizon: Tac Character Type

I’m back with another addition to my long-running project of Dark Horizon, a hard sci-fi setting that I’ve been toying with for years. I’ve been releasing bits and pieces for people to use as they want and today I’m taking a look at how Character Type fits into the setting with the revised Cypher System Rulebook.

“Tac” is the term in the Dark Horizon for a combat-oriented crew member, short for tactical crew or tactical officer on more formal ships. Tacs are the equivalent of Warriors (Cypher System Rulebook Revised, p. 20) and they share the player intrusions and stat pools from that book. Their group role is to defend the rest of their crew, take the fight to dangerous creatures encountered, and sometimes serve as the imposing muscle in social situations. In a broader sense, their societal role is that of the soldier and security personnel. The armies of system governments, the security forces of corporations, and the toughs of local militias are all examples of the tac character type.

Tacs also have the abilities listed for each tier of the Warrior in the core rulebook, but use the special abilities lists below. Many of these abilities are the same as those found in the Cypher System Rulebook Revised but those with an asterisk are new to Dark Horizon.

TIER 1BashCombat ProwessControl the FieldImproved EdgeNo Need for WeaponsOverwatchPhysical SkillsPracticed in ArmorQuick ThrowSwipeTrained Without ArmorTIER 2Charged Shot*Crushing BlowEyes Adjusted*Heads-Up Display*HemorrhageReloadSkill With AttacksSkill With DefenseSuccessive AttackSynchronized Assault*TIER 3Deadly AimEnergy ResistanceExpert Cypher UseFuryLungeReactionSeize the MomentSliceSprayTrick ShotVigilance
TIER 4Amazing EffortBuilt-In Weaponry*Capable WarriorExperienced DefenderFeintIncreased EffectsMomentumPry OpenSnipeTough As NailsTIER 5Adroit Cypher UseArc SprayImproved SuccessJump AttackMastery in ArmorMastery With AttacksMastery With DefenseParrySeen It All*TIER 6Again and AgainFinishing BlowMagnificent MomentMurdererSpin AttackWeapon and Body

New Special Abilities

  • Built-In Weaponry as described in the Cypher System Rulebook Revised, p. 116.
  • Charged Shot (1 Intellect point): You adjust the settings on your ranged weapon to optimize the next shot so that it deals 2 additional points of damage. This only functions for ranged weapons using ammunition, not for melee or thrown weapons. Enabler.
  • Eyes Adjusted as described in the Cypher System Rulebook Revised, p. 140.
  • Heads-Up Display as described in the Cypher System Rulebook Revised, p. 148. This is a cybernetic eye, a headset over one eye, or some other equipment piece.
  • Seen It All (6 Intellect points): You’ve been to a lot of places and fought a lot of things. When encountering an enemy, you can take an action to observe and recall what you know about it. This action is against the creature’s level and if you succeed you can choose one of the following benefits: your next attack against the creature deals an additional 7 points of damage, the creature’s next attack against you deals 7 fewer points of damage, or you gain an asset on your next attack or defense roll against this creature. Action.
  • Synchronized Assault (3 Speed points): Choose one character standing near you. You begin to move with that character, supporting their tactics with your own to become a potent combat pair. When your partner succeeds in an attack against a target, you gain an asset on your next attack against the same target. This asset disappears if not used before your partner’s next turn. Additionally, while you stand next to your partner, both of you have an asset on Speed defense tasks. You can have only one synchronized assault partner at a time. Action to initiate.

That’s it for the tac, we’ll be back soon with the other character types. In the meantime, let me know if you have any feedback for these abilities.

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