Invisible Sun on Bundle of Holding

When I wrote previously about Invisible Sun, I talked up the game as an amazing and imaginative experience, but even digitally it’s pretty pricey. The Digital Black Cube is available through DriveThruRPG but I’m excited to let you all know about an incredible deal to get involved in this game. Head over to the Bundle of Holding now to get the Digital Black Cube for only $24.95, a 75% mark-down! Besides which, ten percent of the payments from this deal go to support Human Rights Watch.

If you upgrade your pledge to at least the current threshold (currently $41 and change) then you also get Secrets of Silent Streets (a guidebook to the magical city of Satyrine), Book M (a book about the metaphysics of magic in the setting), Teratology (a fever-dream of a bestiary), Enchiridion of the Path (more info and locations for the various Suns), and the Invisible Sun Prop-Crafting Kit with fonts and graphics for making your own handouts. These additional items are usually sold for $83 in total so this whole thing is about 77% off.

I’m not being paid or asked to promote this deal I’m just… honestly speechless. The price was the only thing holding me back from calling Invisible Sun a pretty-much-perfect game. Right now people are hurting financially and it’s hard to justify big purchases. If you can afford spending forty bucks, though, and you have any interest at all in Invisible Sun then you absolutely need to head for this deal immediately. Even if you’re not going to play it, this is a treasure trove of ideas that will have you wide-eyed and reeling. I’m really excited for the influx of knew fans of this truly incredible game.

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