Captain Picard Day and the Fenris Rangers

It’s Captain Picard Day! This year for the day commemorating my favorite Starfleet captain, I’m looking back at all the aspects of the Star Trek: Picard series. I loved watching it and have lots of cool ideas from the series so I thought I’d take a look through what’s out there and make some new character options while I’m at it.

There are lots of options on Continuing Mission and elsewhere for Star Trek: Picard elements including…

It’s also a great time to be working in this setting because all you need to do to be an expert is watch Star Trek: Picard Season 1. If you didn’t catch it live, you can get a week free on CBS All Access and binge it all now. There’s one part of the setting, though, that deserves some extra attention and that’s the Fenris Rangers.

Image © CBS

The Fenris Rangers

The Fenris Rangers are a vigilante group operating on the edge of Federation space, keeping the peace in sectors where Starfleet does not or cannot operate effectively. In Star Trek: Picard they are the primary stabilizing group in areas like the Qiris Sector where the Romulan colony of Vashti is located. Seven-of-Nine is a dedicated Ranger operating on her own in the series but in “Stardust City Rag” both Icheb and Bjayzl are indicated to be at least associate members. Icheb even worked with them while on leave from Starfleet so that opens a lot of doors for Player Characters in Star Trek Adventures. To include the Fenris Rangers in your character design, here are a few options.

  • Traits are the best way to include things easily in your character’s design and (I think) the secret weapon that no one talks about with Star Trek Adventures. If you want your character to have worked as a Ranger for a long time add “Fenris Ranger” (or “ex-Fenris Ranger” if you insist) or if they worked with them a little like Icheb add “Fenris Ranger Ally.” Any time you’re in a situation negotiating border worlds or using vigilante tactics, your GM might lower the Difficulty to reflect your background. Remember, though, that this is a double-edged sword so your Fenris Ranger might just as easily have a harder social Task for someone who hates the Rangers.
  • Values are a great way to deepen a character’s connection to the Rangers, reflecting a die hard Ranger like Seven. Good Values are always a mix of positive and negative aspects (which Michael wrote about very well) and that is a great fit for the Fenris Rangers. Inspirations include reasons why someone joined the Rangers (“Keeping the Peace and Getting Even”), their experiences as part of the Rangers (“I’ve Seen the Best and Worst of the Galaxy”), or their relationships with other Rangers (“A Bond Is Thicker Than Blood”).
  • I’ve also written a New Talent below. Because there are so many Talents already, I don’t like flooding the game with more but if you want to include a setting element in your character’s design a Talent is the ultimate means. The core book has examples of this with the Vulcans’ Kolinahr (and my alternate Vulcan schools) or the Bajorans’ Orbs of the Prophets and here I’d like to present another option for serious Fenris Rangers.

New Talent: A Fenris Rangers’ Promise

On the edge of Federation space, your word and reputation is often all that you have. When you successfully Create an Advantage related to a promise you make or to the reputation of the Fenris Rangers, the Difficulty of any Tasks to increase the rating of that Advantage is reduced by one. If you break this promise or betray the people you said you’d help, this Advantage automatically becomes a Complication of the same rating.

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