Happy New Year’s Eve!

Congratulations on making it through twelve months! Tonight’s the night the world turns the page on its calendars to 2020 and braces for a year of ophthalmology-themed jokes.

I’m proud of all the stuff this blog explored this year, particularly the reviews I did highlighting awesome games and creators. If 2019 was a banner year for reviews, this is going to be a banner year for content. I’m making a conscious choice in 2020 to write more material to put directly into your games. There will still be reviews but there will be more NPCs, plot hooks, character options, and full on adventures this year.

My focus is going to be the top five games at my table: City of Mists, Eberron, Eclipse Phase, Cypher, and (of course) Star Trek Adventures. There will be other games, of course, as well as some reviews and interviews mixed in, and if you have something you want to see then let me know!

This is just a way to get everyone hyped about the next year, but I’d move to hear your thoughts in the comments section. Let me know what you think and have fun, safe celebration tonight!

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s Eve!

      1. The Romulan ones or (as a new GM) help with some of the more… “open” scenarios. An example is “Doomed to Repeat the Past” which has a great concept but the lack of structure has me a bit concerned I’ll get thrown for a loop if the characters do something unexpected.

        Also, building scenes with appropriate difficulty worries me. I don’t want to overpower my PCs but I don’t want a cakewalk either

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