Ferengi Career Events

I’m back again with more options for Ferengi characters in your Star Trek Adventures game! It’s the content that no one asked for but I think you’ll find that it does actually add something.

Creating Ferengi characters may feel like making any old character but with bigger ears, pointed teeth, and more snail references. The Ferengi grew to be interesting little sleazebags in the Star Trek franchise, however, and between the debt rules introduced last time and these career events I think they’ll start showing their narrative value in your game too.

1. Lost a Ship

A starship is a big investment for a businessman and you went through what every ship owner worries about: a complete and total loss. This sort of financial disaster might be what created your starting Debt or you might have come back from it somehow.

  • What were you doing when your ship was destroyed? Was it a trade mission in a dangerous area or did something mechanical go horribly wrong? What enemy or hazard ultimately destroyed the ship and how did you bounce back?

Increase the character’s Daring by +1 and their Security by +1. Add a Focus that reflects their experience such as System Failures, Salvaging, or Emergency Procedure.

2. Inherited Debts

Most time when you inherit something it’s good. You, though, inherited someone else’s debt which means you owe money that you didn’t even get a chance to use! These might be your starting Debts or they might be obligations that you overcame.

  • Who was it who left you the debt in their will? How did they die and what was your relationship to them? Is someone else liable for the death and have they been punished for it?
  • What is the nature of the debt? If it’s a sum of money, who was it owed to? If it’s something else, what are the details and how are you planning to repay it?

Increase the character’s Insight by +1 and their Conn by +1. Add a Focus that reflects their experience such as Contract Language, or that reflects how they got out of the debt such as Trade Investments.

3. Lauded By Another Culture

Ferengi get into situations based on the opportunity for profit but that doesn’t mean others always see it that way. Stories are full of Ferengi who entered a business arrangement and wound up being a hero to locals. You are one of these unfortunates who followed the song of latinum but wound up seeming like a self-righteous fool.

  • What culture, species, or planet did this happen on? Why did you go there in the first place? Whom did you make friends with and whom did you anger?
  • What happened that made you seem like a hero? How did the people there show their appreciation? Did you actually manage to turn a profit or was it all worthless commendations?

Increase the character’s Presence by +1 and their Conn by +1. Add a Focus that reflects the circumstances such as Negotiations or Defensive Systems, or that reflects their experience with the culture.

4. Negotiated an Important Deal

You negotiated an important agreement, alone or as part of a team, that other Ferengi know about and appreciate. This might have been to allow Ferengi traders access to a system or station, removing trade restrictions on a type of product, or even establishing more favorable exchange rates for lenders. Whatever it was, it’s put you on the starmap.

  • What were the details of the deal? Who was it with? How much profit did you actually see from this deal and in what form? Who else was involved with the deal and how did they fare?

Increase the character’s Control by +1 and their Command by +1. Add a Focus that reflects dealmaking such as Negotiation or Exchanges, or that deals with the subject of the deal such as Chemistry or Trade Law.

Image © Paramount Pictures

5. Inherited a Command

You inherited something unusual from a dead relative: a position in the Ferengi Commerce Association. Technically these things aren’t transferable but in practice certain payments and contracts can be left as part of a will that can amount to the same thing.

  • What rank did you receive as part of this inheritance and what vessel or station was it on? How did other Ferengi feel about you jumping up the ladder like this? Are they envious, admiring, or both? Were there any stipulations on your part in order to accept this inheritance?

Increase the character’s Insight by +1 and their Command by +1. Add a Focus that reflects their experience such as Composure, Lead by Example, or Management.

6. Encountered a Truly Alien Being

Opportunity plus instinct equals profit. So says the Ninth Rule of Acquisition and it is one of the most often-quoted rules. However, there are times when a situation is so beyond the realm of the conceivable that not even a businessman with the most well-honed instincts can guess what to do.

  • What bizarre, alien encounter did you have? What brought you to the area and how did you try to turn a profit even after your unbelievable encounter?

Increase the character’s Reason by +1 and their Science by +1 to reflect the wonder they can’t help but feel. Add a Focus related to the experience such as Xenobiology, Archaeology, or Reverse Engineering.

7. Serious Injury

While war might be good for business, it rarely pays to do the fighting yourself. Most other species uncharitably call the Ferengi “cowardly” but it’s just smart business practice to stay out of a fight and you know firsthand. You were badly injured on some mission and spent a long time recovering.

  • What were you up to when this serious injury happened? What went wrong on the trip that left you so injured? How long did you take to recover from the injury? Are there any lasting effects from the injury?

Increase the character’s Fitness by +1 and their Medicine by +1. Add a Focus that reflects recovery from the injury or something they mastered while recovering such as Athletics, Data Analysis, or Medical Technology.

8. Deal Led to Catastrophe

Deals can go wrong but sometimes they go really wrong. You had a business deal that went about as wrong as it could with financial loss, explosions, and maybe a frantic escape at warp.

  • What was the business deal and how risky did it look going in to it? Where did it take place and what went wrong? Did you lose anything in getting out of the situation?

Increased the character’s Reason by +1 and their Medicine by +1. Add a Focus that reflects the character’s experience or how they have learned from it such as Criminal Networks, Emergency Protocols, or Security Systems.

Image © Paramount Pictures

9. Personal Assistant

You worked as the personal assistant to a powerful and successful businessman, learning from his lessons until you were ready to strike out on your own.

  • Who was the businessman and what did he do? What important lessons did you learn from him? Do you still owe him something or are you totally free?

Increase any one of the character’s Attributes by +1 and their Conn by +1. Add a Focus that reflects the character’s experience such as Legal Writing, Negotiation, or Interstellar Trade.

10. Long-Ranging Trade Mission

You set off on a long-term mission to regions far away from Ferengi space. You saw alien worlds, strange cultures, and bizarre landscapes and you squeezed all the profit you could from them.

  • What regions did you visit on this mission? How long did it last? When did you get back? Was anyone else with you on the mission and what was their relationship to you?

Increase the character’s Control by +1 and their Conn by +1. Add a Focus that reflects the experience such as Navigation, Cultural Studies, and Exotic Goods.

11. Medical Investments

You made an investment in medical companies, scientists developing cutting-edge inventions to heal and help. Of course, all of that needs some knowledge to make the right investments but you were willing to do your homework.

  • What investments did you back and who were they sold to? Were there any side effects from the products you invested in?

Increase the character’s Insight by +1 and their Medicine by +1. Add a Focus that has to do with medical equipment such as Starship Sickbays, Cutting Edge Medicine, or Pharmacology.

12. Scammed

You made an investment that went bad, but not for the usual reason. The person you went into business with turned out to be a piece of work who tricked you out of your money and left you out on a limb.

  • What deal was the person offering you and how did they scam you? Who was the person and did you ever catch up to them? Was anyone else taken in by the scam?

Due to the character’s determination not to be scammed again, increase their Reason by +1 and their Command by +1. Add a Focus that reflects the character’s experience such as Intuition, Investigation, or Resist Coercion.

Image © Paramount Pictures

13. Hostile Takeover

You were part of a business enterprise that you took over by… aggressive means. You muscled out your partner, possibly manipulating them into giving you power or else going behind their backs to set up their downfall. However it was managed, this ruthless move set you up for your next venture.

  • What business did you take over and how did you manage to gain control? Did you have to form a new alliance with someone to get the power or capital to take over or was this all you?
  • Who did you take control from? Was it someone you knew well like a friend or family member or just a business acquaintance? Do they hold this against you or have they left behind as a lesson learned?

Increase the character’s Daring by +1 and their Command by +1. Add a Focus that reflects the experience such as Intimidation, Manipulation, or Business Accounts.

14. Weapons Investments

You invested in the arms industry, buying weapons or shields and selling them to dangerous people in need of firepower. This is a risky market in that trends tend to rise and fall steeply and because your clients are very well armed in case they consider your deals wanting.

  • What sort of weaponry did you deal in and who did you sell it to? Did you make any enemies in this trade? Do you have any weapons stock leftover from these investments?

Increase the character’s Insight by +1 and their Security by +1. Add a Focus that has to do with weapons technology such as Starship Weapons, Hand-Held Phasers, or Targeting Systems.

15. Lived Among Another Species

Ferengi are most comfortable among other Ferengi since they all operate on the same principles of commerce. Comfort doesn’t mean opportunity, though, and you are one of those Ferengi who headed out into the galaxy to find markets among the less business-oriented species.

  • What species or culture did you live among? Did you run a business there or did you trade among different communities? How do you feel about this period of your life? Do you hold a soft spot for your alien customers or did the experience make you nostalgic for Ferengi society?

Increase the character’s Insight by +1 and any one of their Disciplines by +1. Add a Focus that reflects the experience or the species such as Customs, Federation Culture, or Bajoran Religion.

16. Discovered a Unique Opportunity

The dream of every entrepreneur is to find an economic niche that no one has ever exploited: a new avenue of sale, a revolutionary technology that no one has ever heard about, or a luxury item that’s just beginning to come into fashion. Whatever it is, you found it and you took that ticket as far as you could.

  • What was the unique opportunity and how did you find out about it? Why were other people not jumping on this opportunity? Who did you partner with to make it happen?
  • This sort of thing normally catapults someone to comfort and riches, so what happened? Did the deal fall through or were you forced out? Did you make a stack of latinum only to use it with another venture? Do you have it saved away but it’s unreachable for some reason (possibly in a Long Term Investment Debt)?

Increase the character’s Reason by +1 and any one of their Disciplines by +1. Add a Focus that reflects their experience such as Computer Design, Gamma Quadrant Cultures, or Physics.

Image © Paramount Pictures

17. Lucrative Business Contract

You secured a very impressive contract providing services or goods to a population, something that was a great business opportunity.

  • What were you buying and/or selling with this contract? Who was it with and where were you operating? How long did it last and when did it end (if it did)?
  • What happened to all the money you made? Did you lose it or was it used to prop you back up into some sort of independence after a large debt?

Increase any one of the character’s Attributes by +1 and their Command by +1. Add a Focus that reflects their experience such as Federation Markets, Replicator Technology, or Contract Writing.

18. Engineering Investment

You invested in an engineering technology that turned out to be really good. This might be a modification of existing technology (better pattern buffers for transporters, a better EPS conduit design, etc) or it might be something entirely new.

  • What was the technology and who did you partner with to develop and sell it? Are you still selling this technology?

Increase the character’s Insight by +1 and their Engineering by +1. Add a Focus that has to do with technology and design such as Warp Technology, Starship Design, or Tricorders.

19. Valuable Invention

You came up with a valuable invention that people came to appreciate. This might be a new device, a procedure for producing something, or a map of a previously uncharted region of space. Whatever it is, it was a great moment in your life and you cashed it in to move forward.

  • What was it that you invented and who did you sell it to? Are you still involved with them? Do you have other inventions that are in the works or that just didn’t work out?

Increase any one of the character’s Attributes by +1 and their Engineering by +1. Add a Focus that has to do with the area of their invention such as Transporters, Encryption, or Sensor Systems.

Image © Paramount Pictures

20. New Market

You found an untapped market where you could be a pioneer. This could be a planet on the edge of space, a culture newly reached through the Bajoran Wormhole, or a fresh colony in need of goods. Whatever it is, it’s all yours… Or at least it was for a time.

  • Where is this market and how did you end up being the one to travel there and open up trade? What kept it from being accessed before? What did the people need?
  • Are you still selling to this market? If not, why were you forced out or why does the market no longer need what you were providing?

Increase the character’s Presence by +1 and their Science by +1. Add a Focus that reflects their experience such as Alien Cultures, Negotiation, or Subspace Communications.


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