Automatic Generators for Star Trek Adventures

Today I want to show off a gaming resource you might not have seen. Chartopia is a user-friendly website for making automatic generation tables, making those handy randomizing tables in your DMG or other RPG sourcebook even easier. With just the click of a mouse you can have inspiration popping up on your screen!

To test this out, I made some charts for Star Trek Adventures to help with my campaign and yours. One thing that is pretty helpful is a randomizing list of species for crew members and PCs. There’s one in the core rulebook (and another with the expanded Beta Quadrant book) but with all the species written for Continuing Mission there’s definitely a need for more. Therefore, I’ve written up…

STA Charts Collection

Here’s one example of the charts, a generator for coming up with Star Trek Adventures missions quickly and easily. Press “Roll” and you’ll get a mission type (from the mission types discussed in the core rulebook) and a division to focus on. This can give you some inspiration for new missions and also lets you check out the relative division supplements for even more inspiration.


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