Fast, Furious, and Fairytales: Part 1

I’m back today (a little delayed, sorry) to flesh out my first case for the Disney Princesses in my City of Mist campaign. A full write-up for a case can get pretty long so we’re splitting it up into two parts. Today’s post is all about the main culprit behind this plot, and we’ll get to the locations and iceberg next time. I imagine it goes without saying but If You Might be Playing Through This Case, Stop Reading Now!

Image © Son of Oak Games


Angelina Ferreira has lived in Park City her whole life. The child of Brazilian immigrant parents, Ferreira’s family is in the cycle of poverty that pushes people to crime. As a teenager, Angelina Ferreira did just that and found her niche as a car thief and driver. She formed her own gang, the Dragons, and ran a successful business stealing and pawning cars around the blue collar neighborhood of Eastmont. One night, though, Ferreira stole a sportscar and was seen by the police. She tried to lose them, weaving through traffic and into narrow alleys, but just as she had shaken them she hit a median and flipped the car.

As she flew through the air, Ferreira expected to die. She felt a fiery rage at the injustice of it and screamed her defiance at a world that had let her down. Angelina Ferreira, however, was about to learn that she is the rift of the evil sorceress-queen Maleficent. The jade in her metal bracelet, a present from her mother, began to glow with a sickly green light that quickly filled the car. Metal and fire raged around her but Ferreira herself was untouched and she found herself standing safely next to the wreckage of the stolen car without a scratch.

That was the beginning of something new and exciting for Angelina Ferreira. The Dragons continued to steal cars but their leader started to set her sights on bigger and bigger targets. In the last few months she has moved their operation to Belleview and their operations to theft and larceny. This change in tactics is not without a price, though. Ferreira has grown increasingly aware of the magical world beyond the mists and she’s starting to feel out of her depth. Something inside her is pushing for her to take more risks, to claim more power but she is resisting the call. Even if she were motivated by a thirst for power and not just a desire for thrills and cash, Ferreira has come to realize that these impulses are not entirely her own. This “shadow voice” freaks her out a little but her gang’s success has blunted her paranoia somewhat so that she ignores her misgivings. Neither of these can last, of course.

Image © Son of Oak Games

The Truth

With her magical powers, Ferreira can make short work of alarm systems and security measures and the gang members can boost jewels, cars, art, and whatever else they want from the pricey boutique shops in trendy Belleview. From there they use their driving skills and customized cars to quickly move the products to Eastmont where they can pawn it for serious cash.

What Type of Story Will This Be?

The theme of this story will be petty crime and neighborhood trouble. This isn’t a city-wide problem, though it might involve a trip to Eastmont. The crimes are happening in Belleview and the residents of Belleview want the Tea Shop Crew to look into it because they’re the local heroes. In fact, this is a great case to start a campaign with as it lets the characters form an attachment to the neighborhood. There’s also a mystical aspect to show the effects of the mist since the crime scenes show seemingly impossible feats.

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