Character Pitches for City of Mist

Today, I’ve got a few websites that I’ve taken to consulting for City of Mist inspiration. The Fairytale Wiki and Mythology Wiki aren’t perfect, but they do have one feature that makes them great for this purpose: the Random Page option. It’s at the top under “Explore” and it’s a great way to cast around for ideas for your City of Mist campaign. I hit that button two times for each wiki and here’s what I came up with.

Tom Thumb

Tom Langley (the Rift of Tom Thumb) grew up poor in a blue-collar part of the City, the long-awaited son of two hard-working people. Tom’s father badly wanted a son, feeling the need to pass on his family name, and when young Tom was born premature they spent everything they had keeping him alive. Tom recovered and had five good years until Tom’s father learned the truth: Tom wasn’t even his son, but the result of an affair that Tom’s mother had.

From then on, things were different. His parents divorced, Tom’s father barely talked to him again, and Tom’s mother worked constantly to stay afloat. Tom learned to support himself, stealing what he could and becoming a grifter on the streets. He never made real friends at school, never let others get close enough to try, and lived a lonely life until he conned his way into the mayor’s office. He works as a campaign adviser, tearing down the competition and crafting attack ads so blistering that the mayor won’t even put his name on them.

Though he isn’t exactly happy, Tom at least finds his life as a Political Fixer satisfying, particularly compared to his Blue-Collar Background. He has seen his share of hardship and isn’t fazed by it, telling anyone who crosses him that he’s a Survivor. Lately, though, strange things have been happening and Tom’s life is taking a turn. It started off with dreams about being tiny and strange feelings of vertigo, but Tom has discovered he has the power to Slip Through Any Space, and he’s started to capitalize on the ability.

Fujiwara no Hidesato

Tawara Ueda (the Rift of Fujiwara no Hidesato) is a police officer in the City who served for many years as a model, dependable officer. He was going about his patrol one evening when he saw a shape huddled under an overpass. Getting out in the rain he took a closer look and under the blankets and dirt he found a terrified girl named Kaida. The poor girl spoke only broken English and so the two spoke in Japanese as Kaida explained that she was hiding from the Yakuza and had nowhere else to go. A local boss nicknamed the Centipede had killed her family and no one was willing to help her. For the first time in his career, Tawara broke with protocol and broke Kaida back to his apartment in his effort to hid her.

For over fifteen years on the force Tawara has always been someone who Plays By the Rules, but he’s realizing that this is a situation that requires some thinking outside the box. He is possessed of a Noble Warrior Spirit like someone out of a story and through that he has earned Kaida’s Trust. Now, with just his Standard Issue Equipment and contacts on the force, Tawara is heading towards a confrontation with the Centipede, one of the most dangerous men in the City.

Image © Son of Oak Game Studio


Jim Tolman (the Rift of Endymion) never wanted any of this. His parents owned a grocery store and saved to send their son to university, where he studied business and hoped to head a non-profit foundation. Things took a turn, though, when his father suffered a stroke and was bed-ridden. Jim returned home to help run the business and slowly gave up more and more of his dream until he decided to focus on growing and maintaining the family business. His father died after than and his mother soon died as well, but Jim had a nice life as a well-known fixture in the community and he began to see ways to help people through community events like farmers markets and food drives.

And then Jim Tolman died. He was driving the store’s truck one rainy night when his car hydroplaned and crashed into a brick wall. Jim was killed in the crash, or at least that’s how he remembers it. He has a very clear memory of his life slipping away and his soul leaving his body, traveling up into the sky where he talked with the Moon. At least that’s what she called herself, Selene the Goddess of the Moon, and she said that she loved Jim too long to let him go. She was going to be preserve his life, and said that he should find her in the City when he awoke. Jim eventually did wake up, though he spent three weeks in a coma, and since then he’s been obsessed with this woman from his vision and also struggling to understand his new powers.

Since his brush with death, Jim Tolman has had the ability to Control Sleep, both his own sleeping and knocking other people out. These powers seem to stem from his Bond With the Moon, though he doesn’t understand what it actually is or who Selene is in real life. Both of these mysteries are occupying more and more of his time, impacting both his Family’s Grocery Store and his Ties To the Community.

Electra, Daughter of Oceanus

Candice Diakos (the Rift of Electra, the one who’s daughter of Oceanus… there were a few) is a lawyer for the mob, but she doesn’t like to present herself that way. It’s a family thing for her: both of her parents were big names in Greek organized crime in the City and when she went to law school there was no question about who she would be representing. In her stilettos and power suits, she’s a very intimidating figure and has driven more than one city prosecutor to crying in the bathroom.

At the same time, Candice is gripped by dreams that are becoming stronger every night. She dreams of monsters and swirling colors, unsettling visions that somehow leave her feeling warm and loved. These wouldn’t bother her so much except that they won’t stop and the visions are starting to enter her real life. First it was walking down the street at night when she saw winged figures darting through rooftops but then she saw a woman made of rainbows standing in her apartment and a half-woman, half-bird figure attacking someone trying to rob her.Though she is trying to focus on her life as a Lawyer For the Mob, Candice feels her life starting to unravel. She finds she has the power of Creating Rainbows, blasts of color and swirls of light, and she also is Served by Harpies who show up when she needs them. These things have caused her to miss meetings and calls, problems that might result in more serious problems if it weren’t for her Reliable Assistant. That assistant, though, is the Rift of Arke, messenger of the Titans, and when that secret comes to light Candice will find the last pillar of her life crumbling.

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