Star Trek Adventures Role Cards

A few weeks ago, I wrote about character roles in Star Trek Adventures and added a few more to supplement some of the roles in various sourcebooks. These were meant to showcase some of the roles seen in Star Trek shows and in fandom (especially the Starfleet Marine Corps which I love). Today, I’ve got a new tool for you to use at your table.

I think that character roles are a great part of the game, but probably the one who’s greatness-versus-overlookedness is lowest. That is to say, of all the bits of mechanics to forget during the intensity of a game session, character roles are often forgotten and also really awesome. They’re forgotten because they aren’t on your character sheet and awesome because they give the character abilities that allow them to serve their roles competently without making over-specialized mechanical choices. Chief O’Brien can be a strong engineer, a personable crewmate, and even a capable officer able to go undercover against the Orion Syndicate. He can also be great with transporters because he has the Transporter Chief role. It makes sure that your chosen role gets reflected mechanically but doesn’t hem you in during character creation.

Anyways, that’s why they’re great, but how can we remember them? Well, they might not have a space on the character sheet, but today I’ve got some cards that can help you to have them right in front of the players anyways. Below are two versions of the role cards to print and cut out, one in color and one low-ink to save your printer.

I’ve also got the cards broken out into separate images, useful if you’re playing on an online platform like Roll20. In that case, just send the players their role’s image and/or have them handy to flash up on the screen to remind them of benefits they have.

Role Cards – Separate Images


One thought on “Star Trek Adventures Role Cards

  1. I thank you for your series on Star Trek Adventures . I have not played it as it’s quite expensive in Australia but your series has given me the impetus to get into it . Thank you !


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