Throwback Thursday: Superheroes

March is a stressful month for me job-wise so I’ve decided to give myself a break on Thursdays and also give some prompts for you, the readers! Today I have a list of posts that I’ve written which are about superheroes in various ways. Check out this past posts for topics you might have missed, might have forgotten about, or that might want to give a second look!

  • Unmasked: I’ve written about a lot of different Cypher System games but one that I keep thinking about and wanting to give more attention is Unmasked. I wrote a review of the game that you might want to check out if you’re thinking about the game but if you aren’t then you might consider it for your other Cypher games as well. If you are doing anything with teens or mundane people in general then there’s lots to port over from this game and there’s also some good superhero material for Cypher.
  • CAPERS: This really fun game of 1920s gangsters, flappers, and bootleggers with superpowers has an equally awesome card-based system to go along with it. CAPERS has been fully published since I wrote my initial review and interviewed the author and there’s a Kickstarter for a noir-themed version set in a dark-and-gloomy version of the 1950s. So there’s never been a better time to check it out!
  • SIGMATA: It isn’t your typical superhero story but SIGMATA certainly has all the hallmarks of a superhero setting. There are people with amazing abilities who defend the weak from the forces of evil… it just happens to be that the forces of evil are in control and the “superheroes” are half-cybernetic folks slowly going crazy. Check out my review if that sounds like your cup of tea and see what it’s all about!
  • City of Mist: This is a more recent one so it’s less likely that you’ve missed it but maybe you want to go and take a look at the full set! City of Mist is a noir-themed game with superhero characters who are the embodiment of classic legends. I wrote an initial review of the game and have done some campaign planning since so check out all the City of Mist posts here.


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