Pregens for Spire

I’m getting ready to introduce Spire to a group of players and realized that I could really use some pregens! If you’re in the same boat, consider this a present to help you get your own game off the ground.

I intend to make a few more of these groups but to start off I’ve got some street-level, thoroughly criminal drow for your Spire campaign. This group came together on the streets amid violence, loss, and pain and they’re trying their best. One note on gender is that I realize there are three women and one man which means that some people will be pushed to play someone not of their own identity. I meant to split it half and half but forgot that Midwives have to be women so I switched that one. You can switch the genders of anyone else in the party to your style so that should help you customize.

On the other hand, if it was three men and one woman it would be the same situation but I think fewer people would notice. Just sayin’…

2 thoughts on “Pregens for Spire

  1. This is awesome,thank you!

    Just a question, really: does it specify anywhere that midwives have to be female? Don’t think it says so in the core rules.


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