The Crew: Tea Party Investigators

I’m back with more for my City of Mist campaign skeleton! Having described Alexis, Anna, Heather, and Ophelia (as well as a villain for good measure) I’m here to take the next step and and make a Crew playbook for these gals. I really love social mechanics like this so let’s see how it goes!

The crew is based around a shared attachment to each other and to the Mad Hatter Tea Company where they all work or frequent. They get many of their resources from Ophelia’s private investigator business (as well as clues from Heather’s night-time prowling and medical supplies from Anna’s veterinary job), but it’s the shop that brought them all together. What turned them from a group of friends to a crew is the shared goal of finding out what the deal is with Stone Market.

In the face of this problem, they’ve discovered that they’re actually a pretty effective team. They work together to solve this mystery but also to protect each other and that loyalty is their strongest tool. In terms of what each member contributes: Alexis makes the plans, Anna pulls together all the threads, Heather is the muscle, and Ophelia is the stealth and spying expert. They usually meet in the back room of the tea shop after hours, but they collect their evidence and prepare their actions in Ophelia’s offices.

Here are the power tags for the crew.


  • How Do You Get Around? The women all have different vehicles and means of getting around but when they need go places as a group they typically use Alexis’s CRV.
  • What Sort of Reputation or Name Have You Made for Yourselves? For those who know that this group is operating together and poking into something around Belleville, they’ve gotten a reputation as Persistent and Pushy.
  • What Approach or Tactic Do You Share in Tackling Challenges? Even when they are being direct, the group is pretty good at avoiding notice. All four of the women are good with Staying Under the Radar.
  • How Do You Get Each Other Into Trouble? (Weakness) Despite being friends and generally working well with each other, all four women are protective of their “other life.” They get resentful when other crew members mess things up for them, which is unfortunate as they all have Work/Life Imbalance.


Mystery: Why is our neighborhood being remade and why are we the only ones to notice?


5 thoughts on “The Crew: Tea Party Investigators

  1. Would love to see more of this being fleshed out, like adventure ideas. I’m thinking of stealing your idea to play with a group of beginner friends, but I’m stuck with adventure ideas.


      1. Thanks! Your blog was a nice find, and the Eclipse Phase ideas were pretty awesome as well. Too bad i can’t get into the system, as is overly complicated (and the Fate one is overly simplified haha).


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