Podcasts to Improve Your Game

Today I want to share a trio of podcasts with you, shows that I’ve been listening to lately. These are some great podcasts to add to your commute schedule as a way to improve your games after work. In addition to checking out amazing podcasts like Mistconceptions and Protean City to improve your GMing, try these podcasts out to exercise your creative muscles.

The Athrabeth Podcast

My home group was running an Age of Rebellion campaign for a bit but now I’m back to Adventures in Middle-earth for a follow-up campaign. It’s actually set thirty years after the original campaign so some people are playing their long-lived Dunedáin characters and others are playing new people or (in one case) the child of their original character. Regardless, the party got involved in Middle-earth politics in a big way the first time around so I wanted to make sure I got deep into Tolkien’s legendarium.

To that end, I’ve been listening a lot to the Athrabeth Podcast, a deep-dive by a very knowledgable host and a very enthusiastic co-host who is eager to learn more than the plot of the Lord of the Rings. It’s very approachable and pretty funny, but it also provides some great insights into the wolds of Tolkien. For instance, did you know that Sauron convinced the folks of Númenor to build a temple to Morgoth? You can bet that’s going into my game.


Character Creation Cast

I mentioned Character Creation Cast in my birthday post this year, but I feel like calling it out again. The hosts on this show focus on “the best part of roleplaying games: the characters,” and they do a fantastic job on it. They’re currently on Series 12 but every series is stand-alone so feel free to sift through for a game you’ve been considering. On the other hand, I think you should also consider trying out those episodes for games you haven’t heard of yet.

There’s also a sub-series called Character Evolution Cast. In these episodes, the hosts talk with a special guest who goes over some aspect of gaming that you might not have thought about. Using religion to deepen your character’s performance, safety options at the table, and running a good Session Zero are just some of the great topics in this sub-series. Check them out!


Mythology Podcast

I’ve just started this one but I’m enjoying it so far. The hosts are going through mythological topics one at a time, starting with Athena and Loki. I tried the Mythology podcast just to see what the fuss was about (they posted an ad on one of my favorite podcasts, Hey Riddle Riddle) and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought I knew most of what Athena’s story was but did you know that she built the Palladion and that she beat Arachne to a pulp in a fit of jealousy?

They fully admit that they are taking the most dramatic versions of the story but these are the versions of the story you want to use in an RPG, right? I hope that they keep expanding their look at world mythologies but just what’s out so far helps to provide fresh material for GMs looking for cosmic inspiration in their Scion or Planescape games.



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