Sample Scion Band as Heroes

When I reviewed the Origin book for Scion Second Edition, I went over character creation separately in a post outlining a sample band of characters. Now that I’ve given my thoughts on Scion: Hero (and the pantheons), I wanted to circle back around and look at that same band of characters at the Hero level. I don’t need as much space to discuss character creation this time around but why not take the time to explore how you step up a character from Origin to Hero and make a brand new character from scratch as well?

Updating Characters

Our band so far consists of Carolyn, a mortal sorceress and private investigator; Kyle, a pre-Visitation Scion of Dian Cécht; and Mac, a cú sith come from Tír na nÓg to guard Kyle. You can look back at their Origin-level incarnations (I wasn’t able to get their character sheets up last time but they’re there now so head back and check them out), and now we’re going to step them up to the level of Scion: Hero.

Scion 2e - Witchcraft
Image © Onyx Path Publishing

The first step in this process is adding two more callings and four more dots. We had one calling for each of our characters last time but Hero-level characters have three. This is the same process as last time, except that one of the callings has to be from the Favored Calling list of the character’s divine patron. Like I said in my Scion: Hero review, not every Scion is the literal child of a god so part of this process is imagining that sometime in the last chronicle these characters met some of the Tuatha Dé Danann and gained patron deities. In Kyle’s case it was Dian Cécht letting him know that he was Kyle’s father but for the other two it was deities taking an interest in them. I’m going to say that Carolyn attracted the attention of the Morrígan and Mac gained the admiration of the Dagda. Whether Mac becomes a Chosen Scion (a dog with the mantle of the Dagda) or a Created Scion (changed into a man) we’ll decide later on.

Kyle already has the Healer calling which is one of Dian Cécht’s Favored Callings so I can freely pick the other two: Leader and Guardian. Carolyn’s also already has one of her “parent’s” callings, Liminal, so to that I’ll be adding Judge and Sage. Mac’s calling is Cú Sith which obviously isn’t one of the Dagda’s so I’ll add Guardian which is and then pick Warrior for the last one. Normally each character has one calling at two dots and two callings at one dots but the text specifically says that Origin-level characters boosting up to Hero level get four additional dots for a total of five. Who am I to object? Carolyn will have Sage 2, Judge 2, and Liminal 1; Mac will have Warrior 2, Cú Sith 1, and Guardian 2; and Kyle will have Healer 2, Guardian 1, and Leader 2.

Scion 2e - The Whip
Image © Onyx Path Publishing

Next, we need to add additional Knacks to the characters: they get one from each calling for each dot in that calling. They can also trade in two dots for an Immortal Knack which is more powerful than the Heroic Knacks found in Origin (reprinted here). You’ll recall that last time we bought some additional Knacks at the end of the character creation process so our characters already have three Knacks each; we’re adding their new Knacks on top of their original one plus their extra ones.

Carolyn will go first since I already know what I want to get for her: Overworld Knowledge. This is an Immortal Sage Knack that lets her figure out magical happenings, something that fits the character really well. Since it’s Immortal, though, that’s it for her Sage calling so I’ll also pick out Lie Detector and On the Case which are self-explanatory Heroic Judge Knacks (she already has a Heroic Knack for Liminal from her Origin sheet). Kyle needs to add a new Knack for each calling so I’ll pick Combat Medic (Healer), Not Today, Friends (Immortal Leader; inspire a crowd like William Wallace), and A Purpose (Guardian; makes it easier to defend the weak) which are all Heroic Knacks. Lastly, Mac will also get three new Heroic Knacks: Close the Gap (Warrior), Enhanced Impact (Warrior), By Your Side (Immortal Guardian; keeps you close to your charge). So far, Mac the Dog can still be a pretty effective character without having human form, which I really like.

Scion 2e - Fenrir
Image © Onyx Path Publishing

Next up, we have to give the characters seven dots of Birthrights which is something totally new for the Hero-level. Technically, Origin-level characters can get Birthrights but since none are provided in the book it’s a bit of a moot point. Now, we’re actually at a disadvantage with having three characters all associated with the Tuatha Dé Danann since there’s only one list of Birthrights for the pantheon but since you can make up your own pretty easily I think we’re still in luck!

Birthrights come in four flavors: Creatures, Followers, Guides, and Relics. I actually already listed some mythological groups that Kyle and Mac knew under Connections at the Origin-level. It’s an easy pick to bump these up to Birthrights: Kyle now has a 3-dot Guides Birthright for Crows of the Morrígan, and Mac has a 2-dot Followers Birthright for a small Fianna band and another 3-dot Followers Birthright for a pack of cú sith. Mac has two more dots to allot so I’m giving him a Collar of Shadows which gives him access to the Darkness Purview that he normally wouldn’t have. Kyle has four more dots to spend and I’ll give him some Followers to show off his leadership abilities: a cult called the Cupbearers. Carolyn has the most work but she’s also the most thematic still. I’ll give her a powerful 4-dot Relic Birthright called the Crann Tine (tree of fire) a staff which accesses the Fire Purview, a 1-dot Creature Birthright that will be a crow familiar, and a 2-dot Guide Birthright which will be the death-god Donn who has taken an interest in the young sorceress.

Scion 2e - Epic Strength
Image © Onyx Path Publishing

Just a big, we have to pick out Purviews and Boons for the characters. Each character gets the Signature Purview of Geasa from the Tuatha Dé Danann and one more from their divine parent’s list. Carolyn gains Beasts (for the Morrígan that means crows, cattle, and horses), Kyle gains Health (obviously), and Mac gains Epic Strength (just as obviously). Remember too that Carolyn has access to Fire through our staff and Mac has access to Darkness through his collar. With their Purviews chosen, the characters now pick two Boons from the Purviews they have access to. You might recall from the Hero review that this is just their best power in the Purview: they also have innate powers and marvels to draw on. Carolyn will get Animal Aspect from the Beasts Purview and Muse of Fire from the Fire Purview; Mac will get Blinding Veil from the Darkness Purview and A World of Glass from the Epic Strength Purview; Kyle will get Healing Hands and Flawless Diagnosis, both from the Healing Purview.

Lastly, we have a few finishing touches to round out the characters. Each one gets their first point of Legend and they add the Virtue track of the Tuatha Dé Danann pantheon (a balance between Honor and Prowess with characters starting poised in the middle). They get some extra points in Skills, another in Attributes, and their choice of some Knacks or Birthrights but we already added those last time. So we’re all set!

Carolyn Jeckens, Sorceress of the Morrígan

Mac, Cú Sith in service to the Dagda

Kyle Lanahan, Son of Dian Cécht

Next Up…

We’re all set updating, at least. I wanted to make a Hero-level character from scratch but things are getting a bit long. Instead I’ll start afresh with a new Scion next time! If you have a vote for what I should try out then let me know in the comments!

Scion 2e - Stealing a Skull


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