Ophelia Calame-Harris

Today we’re rounding out the band of City of Mist characters that I’ve outlined previously. So far there’s been Alexis Liddel, Anna Rose, and Heather Dunbroch, all of them inspired by various female characters from Disney films. Today is no exception since Ophelia is very much inspired by her Disney counterpart but, I think you’ll agree, with a pretty different take on things.

Ophelia and Alexis grew up together in the suburbs before moving to Park City. When she first came to town, Ophelia worked at the Mad Hatter Tea Co. but she couldn’t stay still for long. When she started working as a private eye, Alexis thought it was a bad idea and the two women didn’t talk for a while. They’re friends now but it’s still a sticking point.

Still, it was Ophelia’s powers and profession that first found the supernatural threat behind Stone Market and the rest of the crew owes her for that. That helped to patch up the relationship between Ophelia and Alexis, but it also impressed Heather Dunbroch when she saw Ophelia’s more animalistic side. As they’ve worked together, Alexis can’t help but be impressed by her old friend. Ophelia’s not the only one who can be stubborn, though, and the two may never be completely reconciled.

Character Sheet


Nala from The Lion King


Private Investigator



  • Alexis Liddel: Help 2, Hurt 1
  • Anna Rose: Help 0, Hurt 0
  • Heather Dunbroch: Help 1, Hurt 0


Leonine Strength

Type: Expression. Ophelia has the strength and speed of a lion, with claws and fangs to boot. She dislikes going “full beast” as it means things have gone way south. Instead she uses her power to hurtle across rooftops and follow someone or take out an overeager pickpocket before she loses the trail.

Mystery: “Am I an animal or a woman?”

Power Tags: (A) Speed and Strength, (G) Razor Claws, (I) Stealthy Huntress

Weakness Tags: (C) Bestial Appearance

Heightened Senses

Type: Divination. Aside from being perceptive and intuitive, Ophelia’s senses are more than a human’s. She can see well, especially at night, and her hearing and sense of smell are enough to see through disguises. As a private investigator she often uses these senses to eavesdrop on conversations, trail someone in darkness, and detect guards through scent and hearing to sneak through buildings. Of course being able to see, hear, and smell everything has its downsides and there are days when Ophelia can hardly get out of bed from the headaches.

Mystery: “Why do some of the people in this city smell… off?”

Power Tags: (A) See In the Dark, (B) Hear for Miles, (H) See Through Deception, (G) Smell Personal Scents

Weakness Tags: (A) Heightened Senses Mean Heightened MIgraines, (C) Can’t Smell Spirits

Private Investigator

Type: Training. Though she’s had many jobs, Ophelia’s current profession (and the one she’s best at) is being a private investigator. She excels at missing person cases and finding people who don’t want to be found. She’s got phone taps, wireless cameras, and lots of other gear for keeping an eye on quiet places. Of course, with everything she’s seen she doesn’t trust anyone. Not completely.

Identity: I’m someone who solves problems.

Power Tags: (A) Finding Out Secrets, (B) Best At Finding People, (G) Surveillance Gear

Weakness Tags: (B) Trust No One

Stubborn Will

Type: Personality. Even before she realized she had powers, Ophelia was a stubborn woman. She was determined and even when she was casting about for a job it was with the certainty that she would make it. Maybe there are times she should have quit sooner but Ophelia’s always come out on top and there’s no problem she considers too much.

Identity: I’m not a quitter.

Power Tags: (A) I’m a Survivor, (B) My Friends Know They Can Depend On Me, (F) You Can’t Fool Me

Weakness Tags: (D) Push Me Too Far and You’ve Made An Enemy For Life

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