Alexis Liddel

Here is the first of my City of Mist characters for the game I outlined last time. I’ve decided not to do a walkthrough of how I created this character but let me sum it up by saying that this process (in true PbtA fashion) is so fun. It is pretty much a storytelling session where you make up a genius character complete with powers, allies, foes, faults, and a life outside of being a living legend. So great.

Alexis’s life was never the same after she fell through that hole and into Wonderland. She doesn’t remember all of it but the power and the scars stay with her to this day. She relies on her daily routine to keep her grounded and keep her mind from spiraling. Her childhood friend Ophelia has helped her deal with the pain, taking Alexis to the gym for self-defense training. Sometimes it goes better than others, but in general Alexis appreciates the efforts her friend is making to help Alexis heal. Inadvertently, Anna does the same thing since she considers Alexis to be just the cafe owner despite working with her as a Rift. She’s convincing enough at it that Alexis feels like it could almost be true.

Working late one night, Alexis was attacked by one of the Queen’s soldiers. She fought him in the tea shop and managed to kill him, then shoved the body into a duffel bag and ditched it in the river. Heather came back to the shop while she was putting the body into the bag and the two opened up to each other. Heather has been an important confidant ever since, though Alexis sometimes thinks of her as headstrong and foolish charging straight into battle every time. Alexis is more circumspect and tries to temper her friend’s risk-taking.

Character Sheet


Alice in Wonderland


Owner of Mad Hatter Tea Co.



  • Anna Rose: Help +1, Hurt +0
  • Heather Dunbroch: Help +1, Hurt +1
  • Ophelia Calame-Harris: Help +1, Hurt +0





  • The Red Queen: A criminal leader who has it out for Alexis after she defied her. The Queen had Alexis in her crosshairs at one point but Alexis fought back and now they are in an uneasy detente.


Down the Rabbit-Hole

Type: Subversion. Alexis can mask or veil her activities by affecting people’s memories and confusing their senses. She tampers with their perception, creating vertigo or distracting hallucinations, or she can modify existing memories by employing “dream logic” to make things seem other than what they are. Normally people just go along with these memories and perceptions, though focusing on them immediately breaks the illusion and reveals them to be artificial (though they are just as effective at distracting or making people forget).

Mystery: Where did the door to Wonderland disappear to?
Power Tags: (A) Dream Creation, (C) Mess With Memories, (I) Always Curious
Weakness Tags: (D) A Little Mad

Fortunate Timing

Type: Adaptation. Although she has a “go with the flow” attitude, Alexis always seems to come out ahead. This is more than just a level head, though, Alexis has luck that borders on the supernatural. If there’s something lost somewhere in a vast lawn, Alexis will be the one to stumble on it. If there is a door that can lead out of the burning building, Alexis will find it by choosing at random. If Alexis falls into the river and is swept downstream, there’s a good chance that an ally will just happen to be out swimming and lend a hand.

Mystery: Who or what is helping me out and what do they want with me?
Power Tags: (A) Luck Manipulation, (G) Blind Luck, (I) “Look What I Found!”
Weakness Tags: (D) Go With the Flow

Through the Looking Glass

Type: Defining Event. Three years ago, Alexis stumbled onto a portal during her jog in the park. This hole in the ground sent her tumbling into a dreamlike world of strange creatures and insane dream-logic. She came back altered from that trip with powers she doesn’t quite understand, but the thing that keeps her up at night are the parts she doesn’t remember. Time moves differently in “Wonderland” but Alexis is sure that she spent at least a few days there before finding her way back to Park City. She only remembers about half of that time, though, and this leaves her feeling violated and lost.

Identity: “My past does not define me.”
Power Tags: (A) Determined Survivor, (E) Has the Cheshire Cat’s Number, (F) Broader View of the World, (H) Don’t Let Anyone Control You
Weakness Tags: (A) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, (D) Doesn’t Trust Strangers

The Tea Shop

Type: Routine. Although she owned and operated the Mad Hatter Tea Company since before her fall into Wonderland, Alexis has come to rely on it to keep her grounded. Her powers and her past traumas are enough to derail her so she sticks to a schedule in order to keep her focused and sane. When she is particularly obssesive about her missing memories, preparing tomorrow’s iced tea batch calms her mind. When she fights some crazy, magical creature in the streets of Belleview, a cup of Pu-Ehr can make her feel like a normal person again. The cafe is more than a business: it’s Alexis’s soul.

Identity: “When I do this, I don’t feel like such a broken freak.”
Power Tags: (A) Tea Shop Owner, (G) Rumor Collector, (H) Attention to Detail
Weakness Tags: (B) Always Something That Needs Fixing


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