More New Crews for Firefly RPG

It’s been a while since I first posted some crews and ships updated from the Serenity RPG to the Firefly RPG. That original article, though, is something that people have seemed to like and I’m back with some new editions for your enjoyment: the Haphazard and the Huntingdon’s Bolt.

Each of these boats showcases some of what makes Firefly such an endearing (and enduring) show. At it’s heart, Firefly is about complex characters… they just happen to be flying through space and running from cannibals and smuggling a crazy girl.

Knorr-Class Portrait
Image © Margaret Weiss Productions

The Haphazard is a home as well as a ship, and just like Serenity there is a crew aboard that is all tangled up in each others business. But whereas Mal, Zoë, Wash, Kaylee, and the rest are a surrogate family, the crew of the Haphazard is a literally family. The venture started when wild-woman Bronwyn Auckland fell for a straight-laced Silas Kirby who convinced her to settle her debts no matter what and start rebuilding. She did and eventually the two married and started a reliable transportation business aboard the Knorr-Class Haphazard. They keep it running through the ‘Verse with the help of Bronwyn’s lay-about brother Ron and the couple’s cheerful and energetic son Trip.

The Crew of the Haphazard

Huntingdon's Bolt Portrait
Image © Margaret Weiss Productions

On the other end is the all-business crew of the Huntingdon’s Bolt, a crew of folk who ended up more or less by chance just like the crew of Serenity. Also like all your favorites from the show, the crew under William Cross have a lot of secrets and surprises even from each other. As they fly the Black keeping a low profile and staying off Alliance radar it’s a sure thing those surprises will pop out at just the wrong moment.

Crew of Huntingdon’s Bolt

9 thoughts on “More New Crews for Firefly RPG

  1. I am just setting up a game of Firefly RPG and noticed that there aren’t many pre-made player ships, so I was wondering if you were planning on converting any more or the old Serentiy RPG ships and crew (and I know its been a few years since you last visited this)?


      1. It’s actually mainly ships I am after, as full and complete ship stat blocks seems to be missing from the game. I could make my own but I want to be able to give my players something to choose that isn’t just Serenity.


      2. But saying that, any news content is welcome. This game doesn’t seem to have caught the same level of interest and fan support as Marvel Heroic RPG


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