No Thank You, Evil! for Mice

Lately I’ve been reading Mouse Guard with the little Mephling. Even though it’s a little intense for him at times, it’s full of great adventure and brave mice. It occurred to me that mice are often subject of adventure stories for young audiences including The Tale of Despereaux, the Redwall series, the board game Mice and Mystics and, reaching back a little earlier, The Mouse and the Motorcycle and Stuart Little. If you also have young gamers interested in adventurous mice, feel free to use this brand new noun for No Thank You, Evil!.

Basic Mouse Stuff

If you’re having a game of all mice you’re likely to end up with all sorts of mouse characters. They can all use these basics, though, then pick options from below. You can also differentiate them with adjectives and verbs if you’re using those.

Tough 1, Fast 3, Smart 3, Awesome 3, Fun 3

Defense: Hustle (Lowers your defend Goal by 1.)

Stuff: Your tiny little mouse clothes (a shirt, cloak, or something else), a melee or ranged weapon, an I Gotchyer Back pack, Hero Stuff, and 1 coin.

Mouse Guard - Explorer
Image © David Petersen


Pick one of these to be your mouse’s “special thing!” If two mice have the same special thing, they’ll just have to be different in other ways.

  • Fast and Sneaky (costs 1 Fast): You’re really fast, even for a mouse. When you spend 1 Fast to run or sneak, you succeed.
  • Friend to All Creatures (costs 1 Smart): Animals know that your a good and trustworthy mouse. When you spend 1 Smart you can talk to any animal, even one that normally wouldn’t be able to talk!
  • Heart of Five Mice (costs 1 Smart): Your group depends on you and you are much more helpful than someone would expect from your size! When you make a Group Action or Be Awesome you can spend Smart instead of Awesome.
  • Small but Brave (costs 1 Tough): Even though your a little mouse, you know how to be brave against scary creatures and bullies. When you want to keep from getting scared you succeed.
  • Smart Little Critter (costs 1 Smart): You might be small but your brain is extra-powerful! When you take a moment to scratch your head, close your eyes and think, or sketch something out in the dirt you can spend 1 Smart to figure out the answer to a problem and automatically succeed.
  • Tough Little Squeaker: You’re a little mouse but you’re tough as a mountain lion! When something deals damage to your Touch score, it deals one less damage.

Mouse Background

If you’re going for a specific sort of mouse story then definitely rewrite these, otherwise here are some generic ones! Choose one of these as a background, or make up your own:

  1. Your parents are simple mice who like to stay at home but every since you were a little mouseling you’ve loved to explore!
  2. You thought you’d grow up to be a weaver like your mom and dad but then your home was attacked by a giant, mean fox. Now you are out to defend the helpless!
  3. You have a very simple reason to go adventuring: food. You’re out to try every fruit, nut, and cheese that there is.

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