The Modern Aesir

Right now I’m rereading Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman and eagerly looking forward to the next edition of Scion. So, my head is full of all things godly and I started to wonder (as you do) I wonder what’s happened to the Norse gods over the last few thousand years.

This is something I have bigger thoughts on and I actually have a few advice-posts for GMs coming out this month. For now, though, I’m going to reverse things by showing you the fruits of those labors before I show you how I got there. The link to my full speculative-history piece is below but for the impatient, here’s the summation at the end.

In the new millennium, the gods of Asgard are very different from what the ancient legends describe. Heimdall, Tyr, and Freyr rarely stir from their halls anymore and the medieval goddess Marsvín hides in shame at the bottom of the ocean. At the same time, Skömm the god of shame, Gaddr the god of the wilds, Haubaner the god of sea voyages, Sumla the god of sinking ships, Víkjask the god of lost memories, and (most recently) Donner the god of lightning have joined the ranks of the gods. Vidar lies in a death-sleep until Ragnarök with his duties maintained by the contemplative warrior-god Víkjask and Lady Sif who now claims the mantle of vengeance-goddess. The insane frost-goddess Hrím lurks somewhere in the Nine Worlds with incomprehensible plans while the ram-god Bekri holds together an important alliance with the Tuatha Dé Danann through marriage.

Legends of the Modern Aesir

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