Godlings Fiasco Scenario

Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone! While I’m looking forward to a big dinner and relaxing with Mrs. James and the Mephling, I do recognize that there are some issues surrounding this holiday. And so I offer you a game scenario with the ultimate source for cultural appropriation: mythology!

Since I’ll be busy on Thursday this will be the only post this week. For other holiday weeks I’ve put out Fiasco scenarios since I find it a great RPG for family holidays. There’s little to no prep, very few mechanics to learn, and so many options out there. It’s also a great family option since anyone can jump in even if they’ve never played an RPG before in their lives.

My two previous holiday scenarios from last year were aimed at introducing friends to the universe of Eclipse Phase. These can maybe spark a full-on Eclipse Phase campaign (possibly using some of the other resources I’ve posted) but this year I thought I’d put something out that the whole family can use.

Stories about people realizing their actually gods never really got as big as stories about people realizing they’re actually wizards but there are lots of options out there to inspire you. What’s more, like Harry Potter, a lot of those sources are adventurous young adult fiction books that can facilitate kids and adults gaming together. Plus, it’s just fun pretending to be a god and getting caught up in the soap opera of these myth cycles while blasting uppity airline stewards and crouchy teachers in the face!

The scenario below can be played as gods waking up from a long slumber, new gods who are children of established names, or even reincarnations of gods lost to time. You can play it as a young adult romp, a serious a gritty Gaiman-esque adventure, or some creation of your own. Whatever you make of it, I hope you have a great time!

More Gods, More Problems

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