Name Generators

Naming NPCs is one of the hardest parts of GMing. I know that when I write an adventure I can plan everything out, thinking up plots and enemies and grand castles, but when it comes up to naming people I either name them one of my favorites or a nonsense name that I’m never fully satisfied with. Best to leave it for the professionals.

There are so many lists of names on the internet, almost too many as I found out when looking for a name for Little Mephling, but there are a few that I use pretty regularly. If you are always trying to come up with solid names for your NPCs then you might like them as well.

  • Behind the Name: This is usually my first stop for me when naming NPCs. This list of real world names has a random generator with the option of choosing different ethnicities and adding surnames which makes this the perfect for settings with melting pot or cosmopolitan societies. As such, this is my first and last stop for Eclipse Phase, Delta Green, and superhero games.
  • Fantasy Name Generator: What the last generator has in breadth, this one has in depth. There are some very specific lists on here from D&D kenkus and Unsullied from A Song of Ice and Fire to Star Trek Bolians and World of Warcraft dragon names (by color). If they don’t have what you want for your particular campaign setting, you can find something that’s like it and use that as a stand in.
  • Harbinger Zero Starship Names: There are many different generators for naming starships (the Fantasy Name Generator above has a few) but this one is the best. The names here feel real and solid, actual names with stories instead of nonsense syllables or another Laser Tiger Nebula or whatever.

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