Mephit is Joining Continuing Mission!

Hey, everybody! Today’s post is actually an announcement that I’m really excited to share. I’ve been invited to be a regular contributor on Continuing Mission, a gaming blog specifically aimed at exploring the Star Trek Adventures RPG from Modiphius. The team on this site includes some folks from Marvel Plot Points and well-known creators from around the net like Jester David (whose work I talked up here). It’s a cool opportunity for me, but what does it mean for you? Well a few things.

  • Regular Star Trek Adventures content from yours truly. This site skips around a lot, following my interests but purposefully trying to vary the content. I’ve written a bunch here already for STA but if you follow Continuing Mission you’re guaranteed at least one post by me about Star Trek each week. In fact, my first post should be up there now so take a look!
  • More content here for other stuff. If I’m writing about Star Trek Adventures over there I don’t see the need to write as much over here. That means there will be more room in the schedule for other stuff so you can see more content for Eclipse PhaseAdventures in Middle-Earth, The One RingMutant: Year Zero and others… not to mention my gradual unveiling of Dark Horizon.
  • Cool synergy between sites. The team over on Continuing Mission has a lot of great ideas and I’ll be bringing those back here. Likewise, I’ve already mentioned things to them that have been taken in whole new directions so it’s cross-pollination in both directions. I might even try to more formally connect the sites for special projects but that’s all in the future.

Hopefully it’s clear that I’m excited about this and I hope that you are too. See you over on Continuing Mission! Engage!

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