GM Resources for Star Trek Adventures

So, I definitely have plans for Star Trek Adventures and to that end I started making up my own quick cheat sheets for the game. As is my philosophy, any resource that’s handy for one GM would be handy for others as well! Check out these two documents and let me know if they help you in your STA game. If you have improvements that you’d like to see, I’m open to those as well!

Quick Reference Guide: A cheat sheet for players and GMs to help them get a handle on the system and jumpstart their campaigns.

Attribute-Discipline Guide: Charts for players and starships that show how the core book recommends combining Attributes and Disciplines (or Systems and Departments for ships).


11 thoughts on “GM Resources for Star Trek Adventures

  1. So about 3 months ago I started watching ST ‘again’. I’ve seen my fair share of episodes of voyager/tng/ds9 when I was a kid but never really got into it after the internet/netflix/downloading hit the planet. So indeed 3 months ago I thought screw it let’s just watch EVERYTHING. I finished DS9/TNG and am currently in Voyager, after which I will go to Enterprise and not sure if I will watch the original series since it’s so dated it might just not work for me (I’m 29, I’m used to graphics not being too shoddy). Now being an avid RPG-ist I immediately thought, let’s look into ST RPG systems, and lo and behold Modiphius was about to release a new one. I am generally weary of new RPGs entering the market since it’s hard to find secondary source material and/or people with insight into the inner workings of the system.
    Hence I was so pleased to have found your website just 20 minutes ago. I’m reading and downloading everything thats ST:A related and I ordered the core rulebook (including 3 free extra adventure PDFs, pre-orders are valid for another 56 minutes at the time of writing this, just in time, woo!) just 2 minutes ago. So what I’m saying is: cheers, you got me buying and downloading and going boldly!


  2. Thanks, this is really useful! One correction: it’s a success if the roll is equal to or less than the target number. Right now, your top bar doesn’t mention what happens if the roll is equal to the target number!


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