Star Trek: Cypher is Now Private

Hey everyone. I have some sad news: I’ve decided to pull all of the Star Trek: Cypher content from the site. This might seem abrupt, and it definitely is, but I got an advisory email from Monte Cook Games that made me think critically about the implications of using this much copyrighted material.

Wait, What?

The project is getting ever bigger and that means I’m stealing more and more from Paramount Pictures and also throwing around the Cypher System with it. A little stealing between friends isn’t such a big deal but I’m starting to make a game line and that’s something different. I’m going to continue to build the material for my own game but it seems too far to put it up publicly.

I didn’t get a cease-and-desist letter or anything, but I did get a friendly email from staff at MCG outlining things pretty clearly. I just want to underscore this: they were really nice and encouraging but also clear in their position. They pointed out that, while it’s possible for me to be better at identifying the intellectual property of Monte Cook Games, there’s no real way to use the material from Paramount since I have no permission in any way. With the upcoming game from Modiphius (another company I admire) that will be a bigger deal and if they decide to make a big deal out of it they could also cite Monte Cook Games since the name of their system is all over this thing. I don’t want any of this to become difficult so I’m taking the most definitive route to fix things.

So, What’s Next?

I’m going to move on to some other projects for a bit but a lot of the original rules I made for Star Trek: Cypher I’m thinking of repurposing into a new version of an old sci-fi setting I’ve been kicking around since I was in middle school. It’s something I love coming back to and returning again will allow me to put out some of the ideas that I still really like in a package that won’t cross any lines.

So… Stay tuned for that, and for some new attention paid to Modiphius’s game. If I’m not going to be distributing Star Trek material any more, I’m going to look at the folks who are!


4 thoughts on “Star Trek: Cypher is Now Private

  1. D’oh! (We knew about Shakespeare, but apparently Homer is also well-versed in Klingonese)
    Is there any chance you’d be willing to share your work privately? I was thinking of how Cypher would work well for a Trek game, and it seems I’ve stumbled upon your page one day too late.


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