More Undertakings for AME

Like I’ve mentioned previously, the material for The One Ring RPG is a great boon for the DMs running Adventures in Middle-earth RPG. In particular, I’ve been making frequent use of all the extra undertakings listed in the Adventurer’s Companion and in a previous post I converted the common undertakings to AME. I’m back now with some more from the area around Rivendell. My players have been dealing with that location a lot and I want to extend their options when visiting. They also have been splitting up nearly every Fellowship Phase so I’ve expanded the list of individual tasks they can try. Now you all get the benefits of my labor!

Individual and Eriador Undertakings

All of these are inspired by the undertakings from The One Ring RPG. I take no credit for their originality.

3 thoughts on “More Undertakings for AME

  1. Just wondered how easy it would be to convert all the AME stuff I’ve picked up to The One Ring. I’m in two groups; a D&D group that doesn’t like low fantasy and a group that likes low fantasy, but hates D&D. Sigh.


    1. Well… So all the AME stuff is just converted material from The One Ring so in theory it should be easy. Your best bet is to buy TOR products but if you’re already invested in AME then use the core TOR book and the core AME books and figure out the translation (what ability scores go to what characteristics, etc).


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