Additional Communities

One of the steps to making a character in the Mouse Guard RPG is picking out where you were born. The map of the Mouse Territories shows tons of different towns but only a few of them but only the big eight are described in detail: Barkstone, Copperwood, Elmoss, Ivydale, Lockhaven, Port Sumac, Shaleburrow, and Sprucetuck.

The others are left to the GM and players to invent details for, which I think is a great idea. Still, I’d like to be able to make characters from these locations. There are many more towns with sentence descriptions and this is enough to come up with skills and traits for PCs.


This idyllic town is surrounded by a grove of apple trees.
Skills: Baker, Brewer, Harvester
Traits: Compassionate, Early Riser


Blackrock has the largest archive of mouse history next to Lockhaven.
Skills: Archivist, Loremouse
Traits: Thoughtful, Wise


Darkwater is a major shipping city. It’s the water gateway to Port Sumac, Calogero and Rustleaf.
Skills: Administrator, Boatcrafter, Laborer
Traits: Inquisitive, Skeptical



Dorigift is named after the settler Dorice who, with her husband, founded Appleloft, Dorigift and Gilpledge.
Skills: Laborer, Miller
Traits: Determined, Generous


Flintrust has a tradition of sending her sons and daughters to join the Guard. This is Saxon’s hometown.
Skills: Armorer, Healer, Pathfinder
Traits: Bold, Defender


Gilpledge is named for the settler Gilburt who, with his wife, founded Appleloft, Dorigift and Gilpledge.
Skills: Carpenter, Potter, Weaver
Traits: Stubborn, Quiet


Ironwood rests amidst red soil, rich in iron. Next to Copperwood, it’s the Territories’ other major metal mining town.
Skills: Laborer, Smith
Traits: Steady Paws, Tough


Mapleharbor is a trading hub for the Eastern Territories.
Skills: Administrator, Haggler
Traits: Alert, Suspicious



Pebblebrook is known for its stonemasons.
Skills: Instructor, Stonemason
Traits: Clever, Stoic


Rootwallow is home to a family of silk harvesters.
Skills: Insectrist, Weaver
Traits: Curious, Nocturnal


Rustleaf is known for having a grove of trees with leaves that all turn to a rusty orange early in fall.
Skills: Apiarist, Harvester
Traits: Innocent, Hard Worker


Sandmason is home to a sizable glassworks. It exports glass jars to all of the surrounding cities.
Skills: Glazier, Scientist
Traits: Cunning, Steady Paws


Shorestone boasts a large sandstone quarry and a tradition of hardy stonemasons.
Skills: Stonemason, Weather Watcher
Traits: Tough, Weather Sense


Windselm, not featured on the map, is a newly formed town west of Elmwood, near the coast. It was founded by a smith, a miller and a baker in 1151.
Skills: Baker, Miller, Smith
Traits: Hard Worker, Stubborn


Wolfepointe is the last stop before the Wild Country. It’s known for grizzled townsmice who prefer to remain cut off from society.
Skills: Hunter, Pathfinder
Traits: Independent, Jaded



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