Astrositas: Spaceships for Numenera

A new acquaintance, Johannes Einloft, has kindly shared the link to his rules for spaceships in Numenera. I’m really impressed with this document and can’t wait to use it in my Numenera game.

Astrositas: The Road to the Stars

The rules are A) extensive, B) creative, and C) full of options for players to feel involved. In a nutshell, ships are like a shared character that all the players interact with and share responsibility for. There are different Stats and Pools but they are pretty familiar for players who already know the Cypher system, but they also evoke the feeling of a spaceship with character from shows like Star TrekFirefly, and Farscape. Like Joss Whedon has said about Serenity, a ship in some stories is like a silent member of the crew and one that can be beloved to audiences as much as the people that crew her.

Not for nothing, and I swear this was the case before I saw this document, this system is very similar to my plan for Star Trek: Cypher. Johannes and I are comparing notes to see if we have additional ideas for each other’s systems. Regardless, enjoy and definitely post any feedback here or on the Cypher System Google+ group to show your support for Johannes.

Into the Night


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