Star Treks Without Numbers

I’m a big fan of Star Trek and have been looking for a while for an RPG version that would be easy to pull off. This is actually a similar situation to my Mouse Guard search: there’s already a perfectly good RPG that I really like, but it’s a new system and I don’t necessarily like that. Today I though I’d try out a great RPG that might work well as a conversion/skeleton: Stars Without Number.

It’s a free game and does a good job of portraying galaxy-spanning stories. Of course, Star Trek is it’s own animal and it’s not a sure thing that it will connect with the rules. On the other hand, someone on Reddit was really talking it up and the internet is never wrong.


I’m going to start with a mile-high view of things. Do the political stories and big-picture items fit with Star Trek? There’s one good way to see and that’s to try things out. Stars Without Number has a “sector” in mind as it’s default. We can assume that this would mean some section of space within the Milky Way like the Neutral Zone where many different factions come together.

There are three levels of powers that Stars Without Numbers lists for their factions: minor powers, major powers, and regional hegemonies. I’m going to add a third: quadrant superpower. This accounts for the really big players (the Federation, the Klingon Empire, etc) as compared to the smaller but important players (the Cardassians, Breen, and others).

United Federation of Planets

Quadrant Superpower

Founded in 2161, the Federation is the governing body of an alliance of more than 150 planetary governments, spread out over 8,000 light years and thousands of worlds (including founding worlds Earth, Vulcan, Andoria and Tellar Prime), each working in cooperation to uphold their principles of justice, equality, and rights, as well as expand and share their knowledge and resources for the purpose of space exploration and peaceful cooperation with other races.

The Federation’s military, defensive, and exploratory branch is named Starfleet, of which each Federation player will automatically be an officer. Note that “Starfleet” is not the Federation, it is only the military branch to a civil government, similar to the United States of America’s naval branch.

Attributes: Force 8, Cunning 5, Wealth 7

Hit Points: 79

Assets: Capital Fleet/Force, Planetary Defenses/Force,  Space Marines/Force 2, Counterintel Unit/Force, Security Personnel/Force 3, R&D Department/Wealth, Shipping Combine/Wealth

Tags: Planetary Government

Klingon Empire

667px-klingoninsignia-svgQuadrant Superpower

The Empire is the official state of the Klingon people, originally founded by the legendary Klingon Warrior Kahless the Unforgettable. The Empire is lead by the Chancellor of the High Council and its primary military branch is the Klingon Defense Force.

Attributes: Force 8, Cunning 7, Wealth 5

Hit Points: 79

Assets: Capital Fleet/Force, Strike Fleet/Force, Planetary Defenses/Force, Elite Skirmishers/Force 2, Zealots/Force 2, Demagogue/Cunning, Treachery/Cunning

Tags: Imperialists

Romulan Star Empire

romulan_star_empire_logoRegional Hegemony

For most of recorded interstellar history, the Empire has been known for its xenophobic character and policies of extreme secrecy and territorial protectionism. The Hobus supernova of 2387, and the ensuing destruction of Romulus, threw the Empire into a great deal of turmoil, encompassing several civil wars, territorial separation, reunification and re-constitution.

Attributes: Force 7, Cunning 8, Wealth 5

Hit Points: 49

Assets: Planetary Defenses/Force, Strike Fleet/Force, Counterintel Unit/Force 2, Hardened Personnel/Force, Panopticon Matrix/Cunning, Treachery/Cunning, Cracked Comms/Cunning, Organization Moles/Cunning, Covert Shipping/ Cunning, Cyberninjas/Cunning

Tags: Machiavellian

Cardassian Union


The Cardassian Union (also referred to as the Cardassian Empire or Cardassia) is the official governing body of the Cardassian people and a major political power in the Alpha Quadrant. After many years of reform, it now maintains strong ties with many other states although numerous Cardassians joined the True Way, which fights to bring Cardassia back to its old militaristic and imperialistic ways.

Attributes: Force 8, Cunning 7, Wealth 5

Hit Points: 49

Assets: Capital Fleet/Force, Deep Strike Landers/Force, Planetary Defenses/Force, Counterintel Unit/Forces, Cracked Comms/Cunning, Tripwire Cells/Cunning, Blackmail/Cunning, Laboratory/Wealth

Tags: Imperialists

Ferengi Alliance

Major Power

The Ferengi Alliance is the official governing body of the Ferengi and located in the Alpha Quadrant in the vicinity of the Cardassian Union and the Breen Confederacy. The capital city is located on Ferenginar, the Ferengi home world. The Ferengi Alliance maintains technology exchange programs with the United Federation of Planets although it is not a member.

Attributes: Force 3, Cunning 5, Wealth 6

Hit Points: 29

Assets: Covert Shipping/Cunning, Blackmail/Cunning, Informers/Cunning, Venture Capital/Wealth, Commodities Broker/Wealth, Shipping Combine/Wealth, Bank/Wealth, Mercenaries/Wealth

Tags: Plutocratic

Orion Syndicate

Minor Power

The Orion Syndicate is a powerful criminal organization from the Rigel System in the Alpha Quadrant. The syndicate heavily deals in humanoid trafficking and is famous for its Orion slave women. Although sometimes the syndicate seems to outsiders like a patriarchal culture, in fact the women rule the society, using their physiology to manipulate males of most humanoid species.

Attributes: Force 4, Cunning 3, Wealth 1

Hit Points: 15

Assets: Strike Fleet/Force, Hardened Personnel/Force, Seductress/Cunning 2, Smugglers/Cunning, Informers/Cunning

Tags: Pirates


Gorn Hegemony

Minor Power

Little is known about the Gorn Hegemony culture, other than it is based on a caste system. Matters of territory seem to be very important, since the hegemony reacts very forcefully to any incursion.

Attributes: Force 4, Cunning 1, Wealth 3

Hit Points: 15

Assets: Strike Fleet/Force, Extended Theater/Force, Elite Skirmishers/Force

Tags: Mercenary Group

Breen Confederacy

Major Power

Shrouded in mystery the Breen are a warrior race, but have quite a distinct codex than (for example) the Klingons in that they prefer to take prisoners for slave labor. Morality as most sentient species know it, is mostly replaced by values like duty and survival. Therefore they commit actions, deemed atrocities by most races, but in a Breen mind, the goal always justifies the means. Thus on the other hand killing without purpose is not compatible with the Breen sense of personal honor.

Attributes: Force 6, Cunning 5, Wealth 3

Hit Points: 29

Assets: Planetary Defenses/Force, Strike Fleet/Force, Elite Skirmishers/Force, Cracked Comms/Force, Vanguard Cadres/Cunning, Freighter Contract/Wealth

Tags: Secretive


The Dominion

Quadrant Superpower

The Dominion is a major galactic political power based in the Gamma Quadrant, whose influence is exerted over thousands of planets there. It was created by the Changelings, a species of shapeshifters native to a rogue planet within the Omarion Nebula, who refer to themselves as “The Founders.” The Dominion’s subject worlds are kept in check by Vorta administrators and formidable Jem’Hadar soldiers.

Attributes: Force 8, Cunning 7, Wealth 5

Hit Points: 79

Assets: Capital Fleet/Force, Space Marines/Force, Blockade Fleet/Force, Zealots/Force 2, Popular Movement/Cunning, Demagogue/Cunning, Organizational Moles/Cunning 2, Saboteurs/Cunning, Laboratory/Wealth

Tags: Deep Rooted

Borg Collective

Quadrant Superpower

The Borg Collective is the term used to define the forced combined consciousness of trillions of individuals, using technology. The Borg are distinguished by their collective consciousness (often heard by a chorus of voices), their fusion of biological matter and technology, and their driving principle to assimilate all knowledge or eradicate threats, without regard to ethics.

The Borg are led by a figurehead, known as the Borg Queen. The Queen directs the actions of each Borg unit, and assigns priorities and tasks via subspace communications. No Borg drone or unit can function without being connected to the Collective, as witnessed in the kidnapping of Locutus shortly after the Battle of Wolf 359.

The Borg are also easily identified by their iconic vessels, whose basic shapes underscore their massive destructive potential. The Borg Cube was the first identified Borg vessel by Alpha Quadrant powers, and one was historically defeated above Earth by the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Note: This faction breaks a lot of the rules because… well, they’re the Borg. They’re supposed to be terrifying and unstoppable by a single faction.

Attributes: Force 8, Cunning 8, Wealth 5

Hit Points: 100

Assets: Capital Fleet/Force, Space Marines/Force 2, Strike Fleet/Force, Extended Theater/Force, Elite Skirmishers/Force 2, Panopticon Matrix/Cunning, Covert Transit Net/Cunning, Cracked Comms/Cunning, Cyberninjas/Cunning, Laboratory/Wealth

Tags: Imperialists, Theocratic


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