Welcome to My Gaming Blog

Dear Internet,

For some time I’ve been active on gaming boards, maintained a wiki site, participated in other blogs, and generally thrown my thoughts out into the world to see what people found useful. I’ve resisted getting my own blog because, well, it seems a little self-indulgent.

Now is the time, though. My gaming outlets have been drying up and I have many more ideas than I’ll actually play. Inspired by Black Hat Matt, I am seeing this site as a way for me to try out my own stuff in a public forum. Whether you like it or not isn’t all that important… And I’ll never know unless I try it out!

So, I’ll be publishing worldbuilding ideas, campaign frameworks, character creation trials, thoughts on new games, and anything else that comes to mind. Leave feedback in the comments and we’ll see how this goes!

Mephit James

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